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Setting and Characters

Setting and Characters



            Setting is the time, place and circumstances in which a story is told. The setting of Inkheart is usually in an abandoned fortress owned by Capricone which is in an deserted village in North Italy. Occasionally, the story took place at Elinor’s house. Caprocorne’s village is “three hundred kilometers south of Elinors house”. The storey takes place over the run of several weeks. Mainly, the suspenseful events such as when Meggie summoned the evil monster shadow, or when she was sneaking into Capricorne’s fortress took place during night. “I prefer adventures in the sunlight”, meaning that they where sneaking into Capricornes fortress at night. Although, certain events such as the escape from Capriconres fortress happened during the day.


            There are several main characters in the story Inkheart. Moe, also know as Silvertoung, for his ability to summon characters from stories is one of them. Moe is a tall man, with broad shoulders. “Although Capricorne was tall, Moe stood just a few centimeters taller”. He is the father of Meggie. Meggie is a 12 year old girl who has recently inherited Moe’s magic. She is a creative girl who enjoys reading a lot. She is probably one of the most important characters as you see what she is feeling or thinking. Dustfinger is a fictional character from the story Inkheart in the novel. His friend Moe released him and two other characters Capricorne and Basta. Dustfinger got his name because he enjoys playing and taming fire. Finally, Capriconre is the main antagonist in the story Inkheaart. He is an evil dictator of his village. Capricorne is always accompanied by his evil men who where also accidentally released by Moe.


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