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Setting and Characters

Conflict is the struggle between opposing forces


            The main conflict in the story Inkheart is an interpersonal conflict between Moe and Capricorne. Capricorne was released from the story Inkheart from the magical reading of Moe. Capricorne gathered men to do his dirty work. Capricorne loved the power that the real world gave him, so he decided to stay their. Yet, Moe had the power to banish him back into the book, to retrieve his wife Teresa, who accidentally warped into the story Inkheart. Therefore, Capricorne attempted to destroy all of the copies of Inkheart so that he will never have to face the world of goblins and fairies again. Moe couldn’t let that happen. In the end Capricorne was killed bye his own companion Shadow as Meggie released him from Inkheart, but only to obey her commands. Moe’s wife returned to him and they lived happily ever after.


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Who wants to know the end of a story in advance?